ROCKART, (Keystone) Product

This system of retaining walls is characterized by strength and complete safety, and in addition, it has a very elegant architectural view, and the height of the building with it can reach a height of more than 12 meters with good soil reinforcement. These blocks are called Kestone Blocks, which are produced by Rock Art Company, which produces this type of block, and Rock Art Company provides these blocks in three colors, featuring an elegant architectural view.
Just as Kestone Blocks are used in the construction of straight retaining walls, they are also used in the construction of curved walls and embankments.

The Rock Art Company’s keystone block is a sand wall made of concrete blocks intertwined with the (Love and Loved) system to complete the horizontal and vertical connection process.
The keystone block is available in dimensions 45.5 * 30 * 20 and in different colors and conforming to the international specifications. In the installation of the Keystone block, nails are made of fiberglass with a diameter of 12 mm and a length of 130 mm, provided that 2 nails are used in each block to connect the blocks to each other as well as connecting them to the net used within the block system Keystone.
The mesh used in the keystone block system is made of unidirectional high density polyethylene and is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

1. The presence of a distance between the wall and any solid object with a depth of not less than 2 meters and in proportion to the height of the wall.
2. The foot is 20 * 50 cm.
3. Raw materials from sand – tooth.
4. Compactor for compacting the soil.

KeyStone Brochure

Walls supported by the ironstone block system: –
Keystone blocks retaining wall system
This system of small retaining walls, complete safety and in addition to that, architecture with a very elegant architectural view, the height of the building reaches a height higher than 12 m with good soil reinforcement.
Rock company promoted this type of blocks and it is registered in the name of Hamdi Abd Abdullah in the Ministry of State for Scientific Research Affairs – Academy of Scientific Research and the number 1412/2018 on 9/9/2018. Rock Art Company in the Educational Patent Authority
It is also used in the construction of outposts and dams are also used in the construction of walls and dams.
The soil is cemented and reinforced, and the Ki-stone blocks are attached to the soil by layers of geogrid.
The following is a detailed explanation of the geogrid layers: –
Geogrid (geographic network)
First: – Definition
It is a mesh of polyethylene in the form of rolls spread between the substrates and increases the cohesion strength of the soil, a width of 1.6 m in total
Second: – Use
Retaining walls
Soft soil
• Road works
Iron sewing
Third: – Benefits
• Its stability and stabilization of soil layers
• Increase the strength of the soil
• Increase the bearing capacity of the soil
• Increasing the life span of soil layers
Help in getting the required angles in the case of soft soil
• Preventing the movement of layers from the influence of water on them
• Draining spilled water inside
• Resistance to subsidence of the foundation and soil
• Strengthening and arming the classes
Fourth: – Method of installation: –
Then install it
Compact well with 95% compaction by testing the sand cone and then applying another layer
Geogies are fixed to the blocks by means of benz, and the other end of the geogrid is fixed by the use of reinforcing bars and the first of the blocks is placed with a tooth of 30 to 50 cm as a filter, the water is leaked and splashed on the face of the wall
Fifthly: – Benzene
Brick blocks are used in the Keystone watch. View of the bricks.